ES-Consult's References

ES-Consult has since its establishment at the end of 1990 completed several tasks related to important civil and structural works and has also carried out many special assignments.
The present brief description of company references emphasizes the most important activities.

The Øresund Link, Coast to Coast:

Establishment of the preliminary technical design basis for the engineering and reports on the feasibility of applying the new European Codes as reference codes for the project. Technical evaluation and recommendations to the employer in connection to the proposals of 6 international consulting consortia.
Design review of technical design basis and of tender documents for the Design and Construct tender.
Special investigations related to the dynamic behavior of the bridge in case of ship collision and the dynamic interaction with a high speed train and the bridge.
Analysis of ship impact on piers.
Comfort investigations for train vehicles passing tunnel and bridge.
General advise and special tasks in the Design and Construct phase.
Special tasks in connection with the preparation of operation and maintenance.
Mitigation of stay oscillations.

The Øresund Link, Landworks:

Design Review of detailed design of structures for Project Kastrup.
Design Review of requirement specifications with reference to make a comparison between technical design basis for Landworks and Coast to Coast projects.
Assistance in the preliminary technical risk analysis for the construction phase.
Participation in the supervision organization for tunnel works at Project Kastrup.

The Great Belt Company Inc.:

Services related to the East Bridge - the second largest single span suspension bridge in the world (1624m). Advice to the employer comprising: Evaluation of contractors' tenders, technical negotiations with the contractors including the contract signing phase. Negotiations with Consultants with regard to description and definition of his services, coordination and check of: Consultants' detailed project, special services from institutes (wind tunnel tests, geotechnical tests, hydraulic tests, in situ tests etc). Supervision of special investigations such as reliability studies, studies of aeroelastic phenomena, ship collision studies. Advice and assistance in relation to the suppression of potential detrimental vortex induced wind vibrations by means of tuned mass dampers.
The design and engineering for a light house near the new ship corridor through the Great Belt.

The Danish State Railways (DSB) and the Danish National Railway Agency:

Project management of various electro-technical projects. Assistance to time-cost planning and quality assurance systems.
Project management and elaboration of specifications for the Øresund Link, Coast to Coast.
Elaboration of Quality Manual for the Harbour division.
Project management, detailed design and quality assurance for rail carrying bridges.
Investigation of prefabricated tunnel system for S-train.
Specification of a new rail-switch.
Investigation of the vehicle dynamics for the new high speed trains commissioned by DSB.
Project management of a major research study, investigating the state of the art concerning wheel/rail contact forces at high speed.
Assistance in investigation of vehicle dynamics for the new S-trains.
Technical advice and design of mitigating measures against oscillations of the conductors of overhead lines for express trains.

The Road Directorate (VD):

Special evaluation of problems concerning the expansion joints of a major Danish bridge.
Study of a new inspection and maintenance carriage for larger bridges.
Investigation of the dynamic behaviour of wire rope safety fencing on motorways.
Evaluation of the function of safety fences in the central reservation of the motorways illustrated by a review of experiences, requirements and CEN-standards.
Preparation of tender documents for replacement of wire rope safety fence on motorways with steel crash barrier.
Assistance in connection with investigations of the Danish standards for safety fences.
Assistance in inviting tenders and contract negotiations for a research and development project (Hetek) concerning high quality concrete.
Supervision of replacement of about 60km wire rope safety fence on motorways with with steel crash barrier.

ARBED, Luxembourg:

Development of a new composite (steel-concrete) deck structure adjusted to Danish conditions for tower block construction. Assistance at preparation of tender.


Advice to the employer in connection with the steel structures (main roof structure) in the New National Football Stadium, Copenhagen. Check of consultants' and contractors' design, recommendation and implementation of a modified technical solution in compliance with the Employers requirements regarding structural efficiency and safety.

Danish Wave Power:

Quality assurance of a project for a new type of wave energy installation. Development of a dynamic calculation PC based model, enabling us to check the dynamics of the system and the energy extraction as a function of various parameters, including design parameters.
In collaboration with Danish Wave Power, ES-Consult takes part in a european research project "Offshore Wave Energy Converters, OWEC-1". ES-Consult contributes to the project by establishing simple, dynamic calculation models for the mode of operation of 4 wave energy installations.

Ahlsell-Gävle, Sweden/Denmark:

Elaboration of a technical brochure for thin gauge steel plates and purlins, including tables of carrying capacity and serviceability behaviour, constructive recommendations etc.

STEELCON, Denmark:

Finite-element calculations of stress concentration near a cut-out of a steel chimney.

Energy E2, Denmark:

Design of strengthening and installation of tuned mass dampers for a chimney at the power plant H. C. Ørstedsværket.


Assessment of the effects of earthquake excitation of a major hangar to be constructed for Air Algerie.
Preparation of numerical simulation model for Point Absorbers for the Danish Energy Agency (Energistyrelsen) in co-operation with Rambøll.
Technical advise and assistance in connection with design of a retractable roof over the National Football Stadium, Copenhagen.
Design basis – panel buckling – for the roof structure of the new Opera House, Copenhagen.

IN-MIX Ltd.:

Finite element analysis of components of a silo-stirrer for the power station Nordjyllandsværket in North Jutland, Denmark.

Haironville Denmark Ltd.:

General technical assistance in design of thin-gauge steel structures and development of brochure material.

Brdr. Markussen Ltd.:

General technical assistance in the design of lifting crane gear.


Detailed design of the steel structures of the power plant Avedøre block II in co-operation with NNR.

Erik K. Jørgensen Ltd.:

Projektgranskning samt deltagelse i tilsynet i forbindelse med ny terminalbygning i Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup.

TMB Telecom Luxembourg:

Design of antenna masts and fastenings of antennas.

Norvin & Larsen A/S:

Projects for pushing the concrete bridge deck into place under the railway tracks for 3 railway bridges on the Frederikssund railway.

Louis Berger SA, France:

Design check and Design supervision for the reconstruction of composite bridges in Serbia and Kosovo and for the cable stayed bridge, Sloboda, in Novi Sad.

Gimsing & Madsen A/S:

Tender design for a 85 m long prestressed concrete railway bridge crossing Frederikssundsvej on the Frederikssund railway.


Analysis of the stability of buildings in connection with the extension and rebuilding of Roskilde Bank.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs:

Assistance in connection with carrying out the fire tests at SP Swedish National Testing Institute of 5 roofing felt constructions.

MarinBas Syd, The Defence Ministry, Sweden:

Mitigation of stay vibrations of a 209-m high communication mast.


Project leader assistance in connection with the project for a 200.000m2 large centre building in Ørestaden.
Design check of several prestressed road bridges.
Technical advise for the design of the new Concert Hall, Ørestaden, for the Danish Broadcast.
Technical advice in connection with the subway project Cityringen, Malmø, Sweden.

The Building Directorate (Byggedirektoratet):

Design review of the project for the new Danish National Archive in Copenhagen especially concerning robustness and fire resistance.

Carl Bro Ltd.:

Design review and assistance in connection with the design of the foundations for offshore windturbines at Middelgrunden, Copenhagen.


Design of a glass fencing of the roof on the rotunda at the Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup.

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet:

ES-Consult participates in university lecturing and is responsible for courses within structural design.

The Danish Standard Association (DS):

ES-Consult participates actively in the development of standards and has participants in several committees within DS. Apart from the participation in the working committees ES-Consult performs translations of both Danish and European standards.

The Danish Technical Research Council (STVF):

In co-operation with the technical universities ES-Consult is performing research with a number of projects supported by STVF, among these are: Distortion in thin-walled beams, Dynamic of sports stadiums, Damping mechanisms in dynamics of structures and materials.

Other activities:

The manager of ES-Consult is a member of the National Academy of Technical Sciences and supervisor for 15 Ph.D. post graduates, funded by the National Academy. The manager has also worked as external  examiner at the Technical University of Denmark as well as at the Technical University in Aalborg, Denmark.
Furthermore the manager of ES-Consult has a position as visiting professor at the University College London.
In the period 1994 to 1997 an employee in ES-Consult has carried out an industrial Ph.D. study on the subject "Non-linear dynamic systems with discrete and continuous elements".