Company Information

ES-Consult is a consulting engineering firm established in 1990. The firm is a limited company owned by Eilif Svensson, founder and manager of the firm, and of Carsten Munk Plum. The board of directors comprises the two owners, and the Chairman Professor Michael Thompson of University College London.


To offer engineering consultancy services in compliance with our clients needs as the first criteria of success.

Overall Strategy

To maintain and expand the level of competence and knowledge, which based on comprehensive theoretical and practical engineering experience in interaction with the mastery of a series of special topics constitute the basis for offering consultancy services of the highest quality.
Through recruitment and development to maintain and expand the staff of collegues, who identify with the goal of the firm and in interaction with collegues represent the best of engineering practice and theory.
Through continuing presence and active participation in selected research projects to mix with the world of research and supply the consultancy practice of the firm with impulses and acces to better solution methods.

Special Services

ES-Consult has since its establishment completed several tasks related to important civil and structural works and has also carried out many special assignments in the category of applied sience. A very important part of the activities of the firm has been assistance and technical consultances to building- and infrastructure owners.